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Secondary Protocol


Secondary Protocol



Compared to the slow-roll flows of most West Coast rappers, Wildchild rhymes in wind sprints. Every exhalation races to the finish; as Wildchild explains in "Code Red," "build momentum/gain it/to pass you like Marion Jones." It's an exhilarating, though at times exhausting, experience to take him at full force, but guests like Aceyalone, labelmate Medaphoar, and fast rap legend Percee P provide some respite from Wildchild's lyrical storm. Though this is supposed to be Wildchild's solo moment, the entire album is produced by his Lootpack partner Madlib and Madlib's younger brother Oh No (talented family, that one), although Madlib never actually cameos with his funky, clunky rhymes. Instead, the prolific producer and baby brother provide a consistent sound bed, full of dust-drizzled loops and iron-fisted percussive blows. This balance offers the best of both worlds--giving Wildchild a convincing opportunity to shine on his own but remaining familiar enough for Lootpack fans to enjoy as well. --Oliver Wang

Secondary Protocol

  • 2021年12月18日

みなみや 秋鯖限定商品 さばみそ煮 200g12缶 青森県八戸港水揚げ 旬の生鯖使用

ピッチアクセントとストレスアクセント ピッチアクセント(pitch accent)とストレスアクセント(stress accent)の違いについて簡単に紹介します。 簡単にまとめると以下のようになりま […]

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アップテイクとは アップテイクとは、「訂正フィードバックを受けた後に学習者が示す何らかの反応」(Lyster and Ranta, 1997)のことを言います。 訂正フィードバックとは、学習者が産出し […]

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上位語と下位語の違いについて ある言語の中で、語というのはばらばらに孤立して存在しているのではなく、ネットワークのようにお互いに関係性をもっています。 語と語の関係性を示す用語として、同義語、類義語、 […]